Hyannis Harbor Tour: So Much More Than Just a Ferry Trip

Ruth Wrobel headed to Nantucket on Hy-LineAs a guest blogger, we are pleased to introduce you to Ruth Wrobel, our new Marketing Assistant. She started this week and we pushed her out of the nest and onto a boat.

A bit about me

Let me tell you, I only started a few days ago, but this is already the best job EVER! Everyone is so kind, helpful, and friendly! You could say this is my first “big girl” job since I graduated college in December. Originally, I am from Pennsylvania, so growing up I didn’t even imagine I would end up working for a ferry company, but here I am, and I’m loving every second of living on Cape Cod.

Learning more about Hy-Line Cruises

Over the past few days, I have learned that Hy-Line is so much more than just a ferry company. Yes – we do have ferries running every day to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, and yes, that is much of our business; but we also offer so much more! When I heard Hy-Line also has Cape Cod Canal Cruises, Deep-Sea Fishing Trips, and Hyannis Harbor Cruises, I was excited to experience all I could.

I was sent on a harbor cruise first, and it was great! What a wonderful way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! I started my journey by visiting the ticket office and picking up my ticket (a very easy process).  I was ready to board the Jonathan Lewis, the boat that takes around 40,000 passengers on this cruise every summer.

My First Hyannis Harbor Tour

I was greeted by Hannah, the tour guide for my trip, and listened to a plethora of fascinating facts about Lewis Bay, learned some nautical terms, and enjoyed the sea breeze. There are so many sights to see just getting out to the Kennedy Compound! In addition, other points of interest are Point Gammon Light, Saint Andrews-by-the-Sea church, Squaw Island, Kalmus Beach, the Kennedy Memorial, and more. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and answer any question you might have, without making you feel like a nuisance (which I really liked). The highlight of the cruise is the Kennedy Compound and I found it very interesting to be able to see something that you can’t see from land.

The Bow of Hy-Line's VesselHalfway through the trip, the tour guide takes a break while you get closer to the Kennedy Compound, and I took the opportunity to explore the ship. I went to the front of the vessel, where you can sit at the bow and look out over the ocean, then I went downstairs to the snack bar where you can enjoy a beverage and a snack aboard the boat. I even met new friends along the way, Diane and Ivan Gleane from England, who were on vacation visiting various places in New England for 10 days. They loved the cruise, and said that tourists who want to learn about Hyannis and the history of the area should definitely make the trip! Ivan said, “It was well worth the money, in my opinion.”

Harbor Tour Takeaways

Overall, the harbor cruise was an experience I will not soon forget. Anyone looking for a fun, shorter excursion, packed with a ton of information, would love this trip! I felt like a real Cape Codder after this trip, learning about all the interesting histories of Lewis Bay and its surrounding landmarks.

The cruise is 1-hour, with live commentary, taking you through Lewis Bay seeing all the historic (and not so historic) sights along the way. Harbor Cruises run from now through October 22, and kids ride for free every morning at 10:00 am and 11:15 am.

You also have the option for a combo ticket that includes the harbor cruise and admission to the Cape Cod Maritime MuseumDuring the summer, on Sundays at 3:00 pm, you can opt for the Sunday Ice Cream Float with Ben & Jerry’s and design your own sundae. Next time I will definitely have to do that…brownie cheesecake sundae, here I come!

If you would like to learn more about the Harbor Cruise or want to immediately make a reservation, please visit our website or call (508) 790-0696.

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