Terms of Service

Hy-Line Cruises takes precautions that are consistent with industry practices to ensure the security of your Personal information. We strive to protect your Personal Information from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or disclosure. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

Transportation of passengers and their accompanying luggage is provided by Hy-Line Cruises. The Company reserves the right to refuse tickets or vouchers that the Company deems mutilated, lost or stolen. The Company’s responsibility is limited to passage from port to port. No action against the Company, vessel, agent or either shall be maintained for injury to the passenger unless written notice of the claim is delivered to the Company within three (3) days after debarkation of the passenger.

Passenger Code of Conduct :

Hy-Line Cruises is committed to providing a safe and pleasant environment for all its passengers. This conduct policy is intended to provide guidelines for users of our Island Ferry Transportation system and facilities.

Hy-Line Cruises facility personnel and crew members have complete authority over the services provided.

Please be aware that Hy-Line Cruises monitors all ferries and facilities with video surveillance cameras.  This video may be used to prosecute an individual and/or restrict them from entering onto Hy-Line’s property.

We ask that passengers observe the following rules when on the ferries and while visiting Hy-Line ticket offices and parking lots. When a person’s behavior becomes disruptive, threatens the safety of the system or is a persistent nuisance, Hy-Line Cruises may take action to remove the person from the property and/or prohibit them from boarding the ferry or using the service in the future. Certain behaviors can lead to arrest.

Prohibited Items include but are not limited to:

  • Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Firearms and other “weapons” are prohibited in passenger spaces
  • Flammable, corrosive, and other hazardous materials are prohibited in passenger spaces
  • Carry-on luggage or bulky items may not take up passenger seating or impede passenger access. These items may be required to be stowed in the luggage area.

Prohibited Behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Smoking on the ferry or in the terminal areas
  • Consumption of personal alcohol being transported (must be placed on a cart in the luggage area)
  • Vulgar language or gestures, physical violence, harassment, threats, etc.
  • Sitting or blocking the aisles or stairwells
  • Any conduct deemed unsafe or disruptive
  • Indecent exposure
  • Throwing objects from the ferry
  • Vandalism, destruction, graffiti or marking of any facility or vessel

Other On-board Considerations

  • Be aware that others are sharing the same space as you
  • Please no feet/shoes on the ferry seating, and no lying down or preventing access to passenger seating areas
  • Please keep pets on the floor
  • Cell phone courtesy – please set your ring tone to a low volume or vibrate, limit the length of calls, keep your voice and laughter as low as possible, and avoid profanity
  • Use of headphones is required when playing music or gaming
  • Trash should be removed by passengers before disembarking the ferry

If you see a problem or have a medical emergency while on the ferry, tell a crew member. We appreciate your help in keeping our ferry transportation system safe and secure for all to enjoy.


For your convenience, Hy-Line Cruises adheres to schedules and runs on time. Hy-Line Cruises is not responsible for inconveniences caused by weather or unforeseen problems. The Company reserves the right to substitute another vessel for any reason. All schedules and rates are subject to change without notice.


If you already have your reservations, you should arrive 30 to 45 minutes prior to your departure to allow time to unload, check-in and park.  If you are traveling with luggage, children, bicycles, etc. it is advisable to arrive at least 1-hour prior to departure in order to have enough time to unload, check-in and park. If you are traveling high-speed in the summer without a reservation, then you should plan to arrive earlier to purchase a ticket.  Due to limited capacity, availability of tickets on high-speed vessels cannot be guaranteed without a reservation.

Passengers who have not boarded or who are not ticketed and in line 15 minutes prior to departure may have their tickets released to standby passengers. Your purchase will be honored up to one year from the departure date with a confirmed reservation. All fares will be collected in U.S. dollars. All reserved passage must be paid in full by credit card. Any promotions or special fares will only apply to the dates and departures indicated. Availability may be limited.

Retail Reservation Cancellation and Refund:

Prior to the day of departure, reservations are refundable less a cancellation fee of $5.00 per passenger, if cancelled by 5:00 pm with an agent.

Reservations may be moved to another sailing date at no charge.

On the day of departure, reservations are not refundable; however if cancelled prior to departure time, a reservation will be moved to open-ended and valid for one year at no charge. If the reservation is not used and not cancelled prior to departure time, then a fee will be applied before the ticket can be reused.

Cancellations or changes can only be made by calling our Reservation Center toll-free at (800) 492-8082 or locally at (508) 778-0404

Commuter Reservation Cancellation and Refund:

Prior to the day of departure, commuter reservations can be moved or cancelled by 5:00 pm at no charge, with e-ticket going back into e-book.

On the day of departure, commuter reservations (whether placed in advance or on the same day) may be moved or cancelled prior to departure time at no charge, with e-ticket going back into e-book. Commuter reservations cancelled with an agent prior to sailing time will be moved to open-ended and valid for one year, at no charge.

Cancellations or changes can be made by calling our Reservation Center toll-free at (800) 492-8082 or locally at (508) 778-0404. Commuters with online account access may also make changes and cancellations online.

No Show (retail and commuter reservations):

  • If a passenger is unable to make his or her scheduled trip, and does not communicate a cancellation with the ticket office or cancel through their online customer account (commuters only) prior to their scheduled departure time, the reservation will be considered a no-show. No show reservations will be moved to open-ended and valid for one year. A $5.00 fee per passenger, per leg will be charged before that ticket can be re-used.

Unaccompanied Minors:

  • For safety and security reasons, children 12 years and under are not permitted to travel on the boat by themselves.  All children must be accompanied by someone 13 years of age or older.

Group Sales:

At this time, we are unable to accept group reservations online. Groups of 20 or more paying passengers should call our Group Sales office: (508) 778-2688. Hy-Line Cruises’ Group Sales Manager, Dee Forand, will be pleased to assist you. Please note: for discounted group rates, all persons must travel at the same time. Group Tickets are valid only on the departures for which they are issued.


Requirements of the Marine Security Act of 2002, Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard include random screening of passengers, luggage and carry-on items. Travelers are advised to plan on an arrival time that takes into consideration the possibility of these pre-boarding requirements.

All passengers and luggage may be subjected to a security check prior to departure. Passage may be refused if a security risk is determined by Company Security.  Hy-line reserves the right to turn away anyone under the influence of alcohol or otherwise intoxicated.


For safety reasons, passengers are not allowed in the luggage area when the vessel is underway. Passengers are requested to use hand rails while on board. Hy-Line reserves the right to turn away anyone under the influence of alcohol or otherwise intoxicated. Hy-line also reserves the right to close liquor sales when deemed necessary.


Hy-Line Cruises owns and operates its own parking lots along Ocean Street. Our rates are charged at a per-vehicle, per-calendar day basis. Please note that there are also privately owned lots along Ocean Street, however, we cannot confirm their rates or policies.


A limited number of bicycles will be carried on our Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard vessels at the current rate at time of booking.


There is no fee for pets. Pets must be properly leashed and are not allowed on the furniture. Pets are not allowed in the Captain’s View Lounge section on board our Nantucket ferry, Grey Lady IV. Transport of live domestic pets is at the owner’s own responsibility and risk.

Dock and Parking Location:
Hy-Line Cruises 220 Ocean Street Hyannis, MA 02601 USA

Administrative Offices:

Hy-Line Cruises 22 Channel Point Road Hyannis, MA 02601 USA
For more information You can also e-mail us at: betsy@hylinecruises.com
Phone: (800) 492-8082 or (508) 778-2600

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