Freight Policy

Hy‐Line Cruises does transport some freight purely as a convenience to our passengers. We do not have properly equipped vessels for, nor do we wish to engage in, the transport of large amounts of freight.

Therefore, in an effort to accommodate those travelers, that from time to time, need to transport freight to the islands, Hy‐Line Cruises has a policy with regard to “dolly freight” including but not limited to boxes, totes, building materials and equipment, furniture, windsurfers, kayaks, canoes, food items, etc. This policy does not affect the carriage of reasonable amounts of personal affects and luggage.

Appropriateness of articles and freight charges will not be determined over the phone. Upon arrival at the terminal, please check with the Parking Supervisor or Operations Personnel to determine the appropriateness of your freight and the required charge. Freight charges must be paid for, and any associated paperwork must be completed, before the item(s) can be loaded on the vessel. Items being transported for resale will be considered freight subject to charge and not as personal items.

The fee will be calculated by the Parking Manager, Parking Supervisor or Operations Personnel on duty at that time.

We are a passenger-only ferry service.  We  transport some freight purely as a convenience to our passengers. If you have questions please contact our parking office for more detailed information at (508) 778-0344.

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Lauren P., TripAdvisor review