When traveling to the islands, advanced parking reservations are required in order to guarantee space.

Reservations are always recommended.

Hy-Line Cruises owns and operates its own lots along Ocean Street. Use GPS 220 Ocean Street to come directly to our Parking Gazebo.

Our 2017 rates are as follow:

January 1 – April 12  $8.00
April 13 – April 26  $10.00
April 27 – May 17  $12.00
May 18 – May 24  $17.00
May 25 – May 30  $20.00
May 31 – June 15  $17.00
June 16 – September 4  $20.00
September 5 – September 17  $17.00
September 18 – October 29  $12.00
October 30 – November 29  $10.00
November 30 – December 4  $12.00
December 5 – December 14  $10.00
December 15 – December 31  $8.00

The above rates are charged on a per vehicle, per calendar day basis. These rates are subject to change without notice.

For longer term parking permit information click here

PLEASE LOCK YOUR VEHICLE. Hy-Line Cruises assumes no liability for theft or damage although we use reasonable caution to protect the property of our customer. Only a license of space is granted hereby and no bailment is created, expressed or implied. No employee has the authority to vary, alter or modify this policy.

If you are sailing on a Harbor Cruise or Fishing Trip

Hy-Line Cruises owns and operates one lot for these services on Ocean Street. Use GPS 110 Ocean Street to come directly to this lot.

The 2017 rates are as follow:


May 13 – September 4 $5.00 per excursion
 September 5 – October 22 $3.00 per excursion
May 5 – September 4 $8.00 per excursion
September 5 – October 22 $5.00 per excursion

Available space is limited, however there is also metered parking available that the town of Barnstable operates.

This parking rate schedule is subject to change without notice.

If you are sailing with Cape Cod Canal Cruises

There is metered town parking available at the Town Pier. Credit cards and coins accepted.

“I was traveling on the high-speed ferry on July 28th alone with my newborn. I was rushing and got to the ferry later than I wanted. I had made arrangements to park off site but those did not work out once I got there. The woman at the parking booth let me know you were sold out and I could go down the street to the ferry parking. I spoke to the gentleman directing cars and he was able to get me a space in Lot 5. My emergency was not his problem but he accommodated me and enabled me to stay with the baby and not have to run around looking for last minute parking. The man at Lot 5 was also helpful in telling me not to run, that I had time. This kind of service is why my husband and I will use Hy-Line as our ferry of choice in going back and forth to Nantucket, which is almost weekly for us.”

Melissa and David More

Click to download our Parking Lot Map.