Security Department – Security Officer Job Description


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Position Title – Security Officer
Reports to:  Director of Security
Hyannis and Nantucket MA
Supervisory Responsibility: None
Human Resources:   Cheryl Barrows



Hy-Line Cruises provides high-speed ferry services to/from Hyannis and the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, along with local fishing vessels and harbor tours in season. Security Officers are responsible for providing security and protection of passengers, company employees and their properties in a courteous and professional manner.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Patrol assigned areas of responsibilities to protect the company’s, employees’, and passengers’ property. Monitor for property damage and/or thefts, fire, unauthorized entry, and other associated offenses.
  • Complete all written reports in a timely manner consistent with company requirements.
  • Respond to all emergency calls and provide any assistance to include first aid, scene security, preliminary investigation, contacting local, state, and federal authorities who may have jurisdiction to the incident.
  • Conduct searches of baggage and persons consistent with the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Responsible for the movement of financial receipts and log information per policy.
  • Maintain order and discipline of all passengers entering and exiting the transportation facility as well as vessel boarding lines.
  • In accordance with Hy-Line Cruises firearms policy, you will assist in securing all firearm cases and/or ammunition of an active MA firearms licensed passenger/s who will be traveling aboard a Hy-Line vessel.
  • Become familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations surrounding Maritime Security (MARSEC) Levels (1-3) and know the requirements for each as they may apply.
  • Ensure that Hy-Line Cruises Security Standard Operational Procedures as outlined in this form as well as the Hy-Line Employee Handbook are complied with.
  • Communicate with security supervisors or the director of security to ensure all essential daily operational information is received accordingly.
  • Prepare or continue the Hy-Line security electronic log entries at the start of your shift. Include daily operational information and unusual occurrences. Refer to all incident reports which are generated during your shift. Sign out or close the Daily Security Log at the end of your shift.
  • At departure and arrival time of the ferries, assist in the lowering and raising of the bow boarding ramps, catch the spring lines, and bow lines if dock staff are unable to perform this duty.
  • Prior to departure, if time permits, security personnel will conduct a quick walkthrough of the boat visibly screening passengers along with their activities. Any unusual activity or circumstances such as baggage on seats, animals on seats, consumption of passengers own alcoholic beverages, etc. Security will politely advise the passenger that it is not allowed, and the situation should be corrected.  If the passenger refuses to comply, the security officer will advise the Mate or Captain who can decide what procedure to pursue. The vessel will not depart until the customer complies.
  • Note: Any passenger who becomes belligerent and/or verbally abusive could be ordered off a vessel. Ordering any passenger off a vessel is a decision which falls solely on the Captain. The Security Officer will assist using good “Interpersonal Communication Skills” (IPC) to persuade this passenger to leave the vessel.
  • The “Use of Force” (going hands on) by physical means, on any customer, who has refused a direct order to exit a Hy-Line Vessel by a Captain is strictly prohibited. Local law enforcement will be contacted by security to assist in any passenger refusal to exit a vessel under their own power.
  • Nantucket Officer only: In advance of arrival of ferries, proceed to the control station for the mechanical passenger ramps and lower or raise ramps to the proper position for the offloading of passengers and luggage carts. After the departure of the ferry, reposition the ramps to their normal position and secure control station.


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Security Officers may be required to perform additional duties as needed or assigned.


Licenses, Registrations, and/or Certifications: 

  • Possess a valid Massachusetts driver’s license.
  • A valid Massachusetts License to Carry (L.T.C.) permit is preferred, but not required.
  • Obtain a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (T.W.I.C.) card.


Required Education and Experience:

  • Minimum High School diploma with college course work preferred.
  • Prior law enforcement, military, criminal justice, security, or related employment preferred.
  • Solid employment record required.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Good communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a diverse population of people.
  • Ability to read, write, type, and communicate in English.
  • Prepare well written, clear, concise, and accurate reports.
  • Successfully passing a background check.
  • Maintain a clean, neat, and professional appearance in a company issued uniform.
  • Must be able to safely perform the essential duties for the position, with or without any reasonable accommodation.


Typical Work Environments:

  • Primarily outdoors in a marine, harborside environment.
  • Be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.


Additional Requirements for this Position:  Minimum 23 years of age.

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