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What is Martha’s Vineyard Known For?

If you’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard, you may be curious what the hype is all about. Yes, it’s a novelty to take a ferry to an island, and that’s fun, but what is the big deal once you get there? And what drives thousands and thousands of visitors there each year? While we would be happy for you to just enjoy our ferry ride, we obviously want you to have fun at your destination as well so here are the things that MV is most widely known for. If any of these things interest you, you should definitely check out the island!

Dunes on Martha's Vineyard4 Things Martha’s Vineyard is Known For

Martha’s Vineyard is a mid-sized island, 23 miles long and 9 miles wide, with six unique towns and plenty of different things to see and do while you’re there. While the downtown areas are great with amazing shopping and dining options, what Martha’s Vineyard is truly known for is its natural beauty. With cliffs, pristine beaches, marshland, and two wildlife sanctuaries there is so much to explore.

1. The Beaches

The beaches are all very different, with shells, seaweed, rocks, soft sand, and different tides and wave patterns, they are all a different experience. The Aquinnah Cliffs are a breathtaking natural formation on the westernmost tip of the island that will leave you speechless, especially if you go at sunset. Not all of Martha’s Vineyard is taken up by homes and towns and that leaves plenty of room for nature to take over and show off her wild side. If you love biking, walking, or even just driving past nature’s wonders, the Vineyard is a great place to go!

2. Locally Produced Goods

Much of the roughly 100 square miles of Martha’s Vineyard is rural, with a significant portion of land is used for farming. At last count, there were over 40 working farms on Martha’s Vineyard and there are plenty of farmer’s markets and shops filled with the local goods that are produced on them. Additionally, one of our favorite spots is the Island Alpaca Company in Vineyard Haven where you can see, pet, and learn lots about alpacas. They also have special experiences on the calendar if you are looking for something a little more exclusive. It’s a great place to stop!

Victorian Style homes on MV3. The Architecture

When most people think of the Vineyard, they think of the iconic gingerbread Victorian-style homes that make up most of Oak Bluffs’ architecture. Some of these gingerbread cottages are in the Camp Meeting Association’s grounds, where you can stroll through a shady labyrinth of beautiful trees and these colorful unique dwellings. In the center of the area is the Tabernacle, which is a large amphitheater with beautiful stained-glass windows and amazing woodwork. While this may be a small part of your trip to Martha’s Vineyard, it will definitely leave an impression.

4. The Celebrities

Another thing that Martha’s Vineyard is well known for is the number of celebrities who either have summer homes or vacation there. It is super common to see celebrities, and for some people that is enough of a reason to make the journey out! Spike Lee, Meg Ryan, Diane Sawyer, and Michael J. Fox are among the stars who own homes on the Vineyard, while regular visitors include Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, Larry David, and Seth Meyers. Walk around the island long enough, and you may just spot a famous person in the wild!

​Martha’s Vineyard has so much to offer and is known for a variety of reasons. We personally love to explore Oak Bluffs, relax in Ocean Park, and then grab a great meal at one of the dockside restaurants, but then again, we live here!

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