Nantucket simply a natural beauty and easy to navigate as it is only 14-miles long and 3 ½-miles wide. With its proud whaling heritage, Nantucket Island has legions of admirers who return again and again.

Martha’s Vineyard is a large island, consisting of six towns with magnificent coastline. Each of the six unique towns have wonderful character of their own, having carved their own place in American history.

Inter-Island (aka between the islands) Ferry Service is available May 24th through October 14th. 

Do your vacation plans include an extended stay on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, but you’d really like to make a getaway to the other island? Check out our Inter-Island ferry service, making it easy to “island hop” for the day or overnight!

Both islands are unique and unforgettable, making it easy to spend your island vacation sightseeing, exploring by bicycle, shopping, enjoying the arts and treating yourself to the delectable cuisine.

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Check out additional options to travel Inter-Island, by way of Hyannis. To reserve, you must call and speak to one of our agents: (800) 492-8082