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People’s Choice: Best Places to Go on Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard

The question: If you have a friend visiting the island what is the most fun, must-do place to go? 

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, from our past and our present, sometimes we’re even lucky enough to call them family. Your friend is your buddy, pal, amigo, partner in crime, comrade, companion, and sometimes your soul mate. Friends are so fantastic you can even write a song about them. So when they come to spend time with you, from near or far, show them an unforgettable time, a time to make new memories!

The Best Places to Visit on the Cape

We took to Instagram to ask our followers where their favorite spots on the Islands were. The initial results found four strong contenders each.

Nantucket’s Top Four Places to Go: Cisco Brewers, Great Point Light, Sankaty Head Light, Any Island Beach

Martha’s Vineyard Top Four Places to Go: Gingerbread Cottages, Bad Martha Brewery, Gay Head Cliffs, Flying Horses Carousel

After a ton of participation from locals, the results were narrowed down to the top two for each island:

Nantucket: Cisco Brewers versus Any Island Beach
Martha’s Vineyard: Bad Martha Brewery versus Gay Head Cliffs
(Notice the brewery trend? Yep. Thought so.)

Nantucket: Any Beach

Any Island Beach is yes, a very broad winner but also speaks volumes to the natural beauty of Nantucket which should be loved and preserved for generations to come. Beaches that received numerous votes were Galley Beach, Cisco Beach, Steps Beach, and Madaket Beach. Nantucket takes great pride in providing and safe and pleasant beach experience for locals and visitors. Please enjoy the pristine beaches of Nantucket responsibly.

Martha’s Vineyard: The Gay Head Cliffs

Gay Head Cliffs in the town of Aquinnah is not something every visitor will have the privilege of seeing, as it is 20-miles from where we dock in Oak Bluffs. And it is worth every mile and every minute it takes to get there! The cliffs, overlooking the expansive Vineyard Sound, are breathtaking and the perfect photo opportunity. It is easy to see why the Gay Head Cliffs are named the #1 Thing to Do on Martha’s Vineyard by TripAdvisor. At the cliffs, there is plenty of parking, a snack bar, and gift shops selling crafts and trinkets made by the local Wampanoag Indians.

There are so many awesome places to go on both islands, but these are 2 you definitely don’t want to miss!

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