Live Music on Cape Cod

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the Cape Cod local music scene, personally and professionally for 20+ years. The people I’ve met along the way are talented, passionate and supportive of one another.

Cape Cod Canal Live Music CruisesOver the last 15 months, many (myself included) realize what a privilege it is to experience live music.

Over the last 15 months, my heart broke for so many musicians who were no longer able to share their passion. We saw some artists pivot to the virtual world of video, live streaming while accepting donations through Venmo in order to stay relevant and financially afloat. It was amazing to see. But it just wasn’t the same.

Where to Find Live Music in Cape Cod

Sunset cruises make for an unforgettable backdropFast-forward to Summer 2021: People are HUNGRY to get out and see live music. Musicians are HUNGRY to entertain. Do you know what that means? Everybody wins!

Cape Cod has countless opportunities for live music. Live music is happening in restaurants and bars, wineries, and breweries. It’s also happening at all times of the day. No more waiting until 10:00 pm to see live music (thank goodness because that’s not my jam anymore), you can go in the middle of the afternoon! And guess what? Your choices of live music on the Cape right now are diverse. There is a lot of talent right here and I strongly encourage you not to miss a beat this summer!

Cape Cod Canal Live Music Cruises

Live Music with Hy-Line Cruises

All of this being said, I am THRILLED that we are able to run our Live Music Cruises on the Cape Cod Canal this summer! On Friday and Saturday nights, we have a 21+ Live Music Cruise and on Sunday afternoons we have a Friends & Family Live Music Cruise for all ages. The band names are linked back to them so check out what fits best into your schedule and musical taste.

Countless times, bands tell me how this is their favorite gig of the summer. Countless times, I have heard unforgettable stories about what a great time they had. Often it has to do with playing music to the people who are not actually on the boat, but those who are walking, fishing, and camping along the Canal. I have a funny “Flashlight Guy” story I can tell you about. Or the one with the dollar bills getting thrown on the floor. Good times. 🙂



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