Kids Ride Free Sightseeing Trips: So Much Family Fun!

There are so many fun things to do with kids that make Cape Cod a great place for a family vacation. Between building sandcastles at the beach, all of the amazing parks and playgrounds, mini golf and go-carting, ice cream, and special kids events you could stay here for a month and not get to do everything available! It’s truly a family paradise around here, and at Hy-Line we help contribute to that growing list of amazing kid-friendly activities.

Family Friendly Sightseeing Cruise

Hy-Line’s Family-Friendly Sightseeing Cruises

Our Harbor Cruise and Cape Cod Canal Cruise offer special kids ride free trips for specific departures throughout the summer! These 1-hour cruises are the perfect way to get out and have some fun with your kids on a sightseeing trip designed for little ones! Our crew specifically caters for these trips towards kids, and are able to make them fun for the whole family, by offering interesting narration for the adults and a quick easy trip for the kids.

I was able to take my 2-year old on the Canal Cruise Kids Trip this week, and it was a BLAST! He loves all things that go, so getting to ride on a “big boat” was his dream come true. From the moment he saw the Viking, our Canal Cruise vessel, he was vibrating with excitement. There were many other families onboard with young kids, so I felt relaxed about how noisy he was being and we just enjoyed looking out at all of the beautiful scenery Onset offers!

What to Expect on our Sightseeing Cruise

While the commentary was probably lost on him, I thought our narrator, Drew did a fantastic job pointing out a remote island where families have lived in the same homes generation after generation, the different maritime markers along the harbor, and eventually giving us some history of the railroad bridge, and Mass Maritime Academy.

My son was most interested in pointing out the other boats, seeing the birds flying above the water, and the “big fan” aka the wind turbine at the Maritime Academy. He also loved pointing out all the interesting parts of the Viking and listening to the Captain over the loudspeaker. Before we knew it, we were making our way back to the pier and the trip was almost over, time FLEW BY! It’s the little things for kids, and that’s what makes this cruise so perfect. It’s a short, simple trip without a lot of distractions and you can really focus on just viewing it through their eyes. It’s so much fun!

All in all, these kids’ trips are really an awesome treat for any kid! They offer the unique opportunity to get on board, cruise around, and have an hour of fun without feeling pressure of any kind. It’s so much fun for any age, but especially these little ones! So the next time you need something fun to do with your own kids, grandkids, or your nieces and nephews, consider taking them on a Kids Ride Free trip on the Canal! It’s so worth it!

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