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Introducing the New Hy-Line Vlog: Smooth Sailing with R & B!

What is a vlog, you ask? It’s a video blog or video log (thus morphed into the word vlog). Video is hot right now, so we thought we’d give this idea a whirl! Our goal with the Hy-Line Vlog is to provide you with helpful information in an entertaining video format, and then support that video with a blog post “CliffsNotes” version of the video. Why are we doing this? Because we’ve also learned that while people love video, there are those that prefer to read about it.Hy-Line Vlog

Episode 1: Arriving at the Hy-Line Terminal

For many, there is a fear of the unknown. Many people want to know what to expect when they drive to our ferry terminal on Ocean Street in Hyannis. Where is the dock? Where do you park? Where do you check-in? Where’s the boarding line? You get the idea. So, this first vlog is dedicated to all the folks who actually want to SEE what it’s like down here, before you get here. You can also refer to our FAQ page if you have further questions. Here we go!

How to Get to the Hyannis Ferry Terminal

So first, obviously, you have to get here! If you need to, put us into your GPS as 220 Ocean Street, Hyannis, Mass. Super easy and you’re good to go! From the mid-Cape Highway, take Exit 6 and bear right. You are now on Route 132. You will pass by a lot of chain and big box store shopping. Stay on Route 132 until you reach the airport rotary and take the second right onto Barnstable Road. Continue through three sets of lights. At the third light, Barnstable Road turns into Ocean Street. Stay in the right lane, through the fourth light, drive a bit further down Ocean Street, and there we are on the left! A lot of people are curious as to the parking lots you see first on the right, but they are not us. If you booked parking with your ferry tickets make sure you wait until you pull into our terminal on the left.

Where to Park

When you pull into our terminal you will be greeted by our Parking Department. If you have reserved parking, they will have your reservation. If you need to purchase parking, they will have all available options for you either on-site (2-minute walk) or off-site (1-mile away). If you end up with off-site parking, have no fear! There is a free Hy-Line Shuttle (3 shiny new vans) between the lot and the docks. At the terminal, there is a drop-off location right in front of you for any bikes, luggage, etc. where one of the dock staff will load your luggage into the carts and let you know which to look for when you arrive. You will be directed to the appropriate parking area. Off to the lot and back to the dock you go!

Boarding the Ferry

Once back at the dock, you’re ready to board the ferry! If you have booked online, you will have received boarding passes via email. You can simply walk straight to the boat’s boarding line with your boarding pass. Please note that if you made changes to your reservation after receiving the boarding passes, you must check-in at the ticket office to have new passes issued. If you made a reservation by phone, you will have a confirmation emailed to you. You will need to check-in at the ticket office with your confirmation number and/or last name to claim your reservation. An agent will print your boarding pass, let you know which boarding line is yours, and off you go!

Have your boarding pass ready to be scanned by a crew member and watch your step up the gangway.

Nantucket Ferry Views

Ferry Seating and Arrival Time

Our ferries tend to be very busy all year so we ask for your cooperation when it comes to seating. Please make room for everyone; please keep dogs on the deck, not the seat; and please keep your carry-on items on your lap or the floor, not taking up seating space. There is indoor and outdoor seating. Each ferry has at least one full-service snack bar on board and restrooms.

We do have a Passenger Code of Conduct for the safety and comfort of everyone.

And while getting here and settled is fairly easy, it does take some time. This is why we ask that you plan ahead and strongly suggest that you arrive at least 45 minutes prior to departure.

Off you go, then. We hope you have a safe, fun, and enjoyable trip to whichever island you may be headed!

Have any ideas for a vlog? Let us know! Message us on Facebook or comment below!

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