Hy-Line Rewind 2022

Truth be told, 2022 was a lot.

As the calendar changed in January, there was uncertainty as to what this year was going to look like. The pandemic created an environment in which we had no experience. At the start of the year, so much was still unsure and life wasn’t, nor really is yet, what we would consider “normal.”

We had to proceed slowly and with caution. Planning was a challenge. And as you know, time waits for no one.

Hy-Line Ticket Office

Extra High-Speed Trips to Nantucket

We started out the New Year by adding extra trips to our Nantucket High-Speed ferry service four days a week to better accommodate the needs of residents and the workforce. This was well received as well as The Landing Cafe being open 5 days a week for customers. One bright spot in the winter doldrums was that we opened reservations for the entire year for our island ferry services: Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Inter-Island and Around the Sound. When that happened, it was clear that we needed to be prepared for a potentially record-breaking season. In order for us to meet the demand, hiring new employees was key. We had a feeling that this year would be better than the last two, but it would still be a challenge. Thankfully, we had a significant amount of interest from international, hardworking young men and women through the J-1 Visa Program.

Committing to Cape Cod Canal Cruises

As winter turned to spring, it was time for tough conversations and decisions. Considering the employment struggles that were a pandemic tailwind effect, it was clear that our Canal Cruise and Harbor Cruise would be significantly affected. The reality was that we would only have one vessel for two services in two completely different locations. “Pivot” seems to be the COVID buzzword and that’s exactly what was necessary. It was with heavy hearts that we had to cancel the Hyannis Harbor Cruise for the 2022 season. This is the service that started the company in 1962 by brothers Richard and Robert Scudder. That was tough. We committed to run Cape Cod Canal Cruises on M/V Viking with a late season start of July 1st.

Landing Cafe EmployeesA Big Shout Out to Our Employees

Summer 2022 was off the hook. I believe it was a record setting season to travel to the islands. And it was not easy. Sometimes it felt like we were holding our collective breath, eyes closed, and just pushing through all of the hard until it was over. That being said, I would like to personally send big ups to every single one of our employees. It has been a tough few years in which we didn’t stop, didn’t catch a break. Their efforts did not and do not go unnoticed, by the owners, co-workers and customers. In addition to our Outstanding Employee monthly recognitions, we chose to share a lot of customer kudos this season on Facebook and invite you to take a look. We are proud and humbled by their effort and commitment to the Hy-Line family.

M/V Viking’s Permanent Move

Summer turned to fall, kids were back in school, but we didn’t slow down. And the weather was absolutely beautiful. There were high temp record-breaking days. The biggest change for the fall was sightM/V Viking in Hyannisseeing. The decision was made to end the Cape Cod Canal Cruises season early, move the boat to Hyannis and at least have Hyannis Harbor Cruises for the fall. It was great to see M/V Viking in Hyannis, and so you know, that move is permanent. Her new home is in Hyannis, and we will have a new (to us) boat running Canal Cruises starting in 2023. We are very excited to share the details as we welcome M/V Monhegan to Onset.

Sad Stroll Saturday on Nantucket

Then…. here come the holidays and Nantucket Christmas Stroll! The demand for travel during this event was excessive, to put it mildly. If you hadn’t made a reservation at least weeks, if not months, in advance you were left with very little choice in your travel options. We were being asked if we were adding more boats, but there were not enough boats, hours in the day, or staff. Simply put, we went into it already maxxed out. And then on Saturday, the weather happened. We are always watching the weather in this business and that afternoon did not look promising. We discouraged people who were planning to go over for the day not to go if they didn’t have a place to stay. Cancellations don’t come lightly around here, and the captains call it when safety becomes an issue. There was no other choice during that storm. It was Sad Stroll Saturday. Hopefully, it never happens again but the weather is the weather and not controllable by any of us.

Employee Milestones

Let’s close out the year on a happier note. We just had our annual employee holiday get-together. We gather and have some food, drinks and convo in a festive setting. It’s also the time that long-term employees, who make the 10-year and 25-year milestone, are recognized. For the past two years, the choice was made to not gather because of COVID. So this year’s was extra special and we surely had some catching up to do! Here’s a quick run-down of milestone achievements recognized at the holiday party:

Nantucket Operations Manager
Marine Mechanic

Marine Maintenance Manager


Port Captain

Happy Holidays to all and bring on 2023!!

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