Gearing Up For a Great Summer with Nantucket Island Tours

The anticipation for the summer season to get going is palpable! Is it that way where you live? During the winter, we have much less happening on the Cape & Islands, so when we get closer to our favorite attractions opening back up and it being more enjoyable to be outside, it really is exciting! Everyone is daydreaming of the summertime busyness that we are known for around here, and it seems like travelers are excited to get here too!

Nantucket Docks

Nantucket Island Tours

With everyone working so hard to ensure we are safe, COVID-wise, while we are out and about, it’s looking to be a great summer!  One of our employees on Nantucket, Rick Peterson, who manages Nantucket Island Tours for us, said “Everyone is doing their best to prepare for what from all measures looks like a very busy summer. According to news reports, we are #1 in the state right now as far as getting people vaccinated and that I think will help people’s comfort level as far as getting out and doing activities.  I think the island is preparing well. We all rely on the summer season for our livelihoods and most people understand that means playing by the rules and respecting each other.”

Lots of sunshine and good memories await us in the next few months, that’s for sure!

Getting Around Nantucket

Speaking of Nantucket Island Tours, did you know we own a bus tour company on Nantucket? In the summer, Nantucket Island Tours runs 3 bus tours a day covering close to 60% of the island as the tour bus meanders through the most beautiful, natural, and historic places on the island. In a little over an hour, you get so much more than you would if you just walked downtown, or even rented a bike or a car. The tour guides are so knowledgeable, not only giving their commentary but also answering all of your questions, that by the end of the tour you really have a feel for the island. “We believe we provide a highly professional, fun, safe experience. Our tour guides are the best on the island with years of experience. Our fleet of vehicles is by far the best on the island which provides for a clean, comfortable tour. Our tour is, as I like to say, “just right”. Long enough to learn a lot about the island but not so long that our guests are fatigued.”, says Rick.

Planning your Nantucket Tour

Staying longer than just a day? A bus tour is a great way to get your bearings on the first or second day of your trip to give you ideas of where to explore later. These tours are great for everyone, Rick re-iterated, “If people are day-tripping, as beautiful as the town is you really have not seen Nantucket if you only stay in town. We offer an ideal, fun way to get a great overview, and then folks can plan their time from there.”

“Repeat visitors often have a favorite tour guide, and we see a lot of repeat requests.” And what is his favorite part of the tour, you ask? “My personal favorite part of the tour is seeing peoples’ reaction when we are out on the eastern side of the island. After seeing the hustle and bustle of town, they are usually amazed how quiet the other parts of the island can be even during our busiest times” – he said.

Nantucket Beaches

Additional Transportation Services

Nantucket Island Tours is known for not only their bus tours but also their group and wedding transportation. Touting itself as the Premiere Nantucket Transportation Company, they provide professional, safe, and reliable transportation for special events and group tours on the island year-round. “We are seeing a record amount of interest in our private charter and wedding business as well and look forward to safely providing transportation for these events.” Rick said about the upcoming year.

Book your Nantucket Island Tour Today!

Taking the ferry to Nantucket and then taking a tour of the island with Nantucket Island Tours is a fun, safe, and interesting thing to do this summer! You can schedule a tour with your Hy-Line tickets, or independently through their website here.

PS – If you’re wondering what a perfect summer day on Nantucket looks like for a local, Rick gave us some insight. “My wife Suzi and I try to keep Sunday as our day off. Weather permitting, we pack our Jeep for the day and head out to our “secret” beach. Even during the height of the season, we have our space pretty much to ourselves and enjoy the beach with the high surf at this location. We also enjoy friends and family visiting. It is always a lot of fun to show people the island for the first time. Between Town, Madaket, Sconset, and many other spots the island has a lot of places to experience different atmospheres.”

Here’s to a happy, healthy, safe and fun summer for everyone!

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