Ferry Favorite: The Roberts Collection, Nantucket

by Betsy Rich

A Nantucket vacation is a life-long dream, an item on the bucket list, for many. Most times, when I post a Nantucket picture, there are comments from people wishing they were there instead. I nod my head silently, in agreement, at my desk.

The Roberts Collection in NantucketQuaint. The quintessential one-word definition of Nantucket. Attractively unusual or old-fashioned. It is the allure of the island. The Roberts Collection will give you the Nantucket feels.

The Roberts Collection is located in the center of Downtown Nantucket’s Historic District, consisting of a family of four inns. Recently acquired by Faraway Hotels, the collection appeals to a variety of travelers whether looking for a high-quality boutique hotel or value-oriented indulgence. The Roberts Collection is the Roberts House, Meeting House, Manor House, and the newly constructed Gate House. In the middle of these inns is a beautiful courtyard where you can relax, read, enjoy a drink and snack, or make plans for your day. Although you are downtown, the courtyard feels secluded from the rest of the world.

The location of the Roberts Collection is ideal. You can walk to and from the ferry, and all downtown shops and restaurants within minutes. The staff is cordial and friendly, taking time to spend with their guests and answer questions, make recommendations, etc. They also give you complimentary beach towels!

Inside a Room at the Roberts CollectionThis collection of inns gives you a choice of room type. For example, the Roberts House is the original building (built in 1846) and matriarch of the collection. The Roberts House underwent a complete renovation in 2016. I read some reviews with comments about the small size of the rooms at the Roberts House, but seriously – it was built in 1846. Everything was smaller. Everything was simpler. That’s the charm of it. Think about all of the guests who’ve stayed there for more than 150 years…

“Originally owned by the Roberts sisters—daughters of a whaling ship captain, the Roberts House was designed in a style typical of the whaling era during which it was constructed. Likely due to its central location in the heart of the downtown, the Roberts House was one of the first single-family homes on Nantucket to be converted to an inn and has operated as such for over 100 years.”

The Gate House, built in 2013, is my favorite with beautifully decorated, contemporary rooms. It even has state-of-the-art soundproofing which may “sound” silly, but if you’ve ever stayed at an old inn you know how AMAZING that can be!

So yes, I absolutely recommend staying with the Roberts Collection. I stayed there last year, for a friend’s wedding, and it was perfect. Clean, comfortable, contemporary, and conveniently located! What else could you need? A pool? We have Nantucket Sound instead.

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