Fast Ferry to Nantucket: Off-Season Special

Nantucket Ferry Trips have a Special Place in our Heart

NantucketIn 1973, we began operating seasonal ferry service. In December 1995, we started a year-round fast ferry to Nantucket. Nicknamed “The Little Grey Lady of the Sea” this quaint island is located 30 miles south of Cape Cod, and is just a quick 1-hour trip!

With its unspoiled charm and natural beauty, it is easy to see why so many travelers flock here annually. Nantucket is easy to navigate by foot, bike, or car, as it is only 14-miles long and 3 ½-miles wide, making it perfect for a day trip or a longer stay.

Speaking of perfect, fall is the best time to visit! With fewer people and fantastic weather, an off-season trip to Nantucket is strongly suggested! If you’re a little unsure, check out our 5 Must-Dos on a Trip to Nantucket for some inspirado!

In 2017, we embarked on a partnership with The Nantucket Fund. During the off-season (mid-October through mid-April), we encourage you to upgrade your Nantucket ferry ticket from standard passage to the Captain’s View for only $3 each way. This off-season upgrade fee is donated to The Nantucket Fund in full. By supporting this fund, you support the island and assist organizations that serve islanders with housing needs, mental health, substance abuse, food/fuel assistance, health/wellness, and diversity initiatives.

What the heck is Captain’s View, you say? We got you –

Captain’s View is a separate 32-seat section in the bow, on the second deck, of our Nantucket fast ferry, Grey Lady IV.

The Benefits of Travelling in Captain’s View Seating

Captain's View Special-Pre-boarding!
– Proceed directly to the Captain’s View where a seat awaits you
-The seating is more comfortable
-There is less crowding, more open space
-Close proximity to restrooms
-It has the only front-view window, of any Hy-Line ferry
-No pets are allowed, accommodating those who have allergies
-Easy access to main and top decks, for those who wish to move about the ferry

We suggest that you make reservations in advance, as (believe it or not), we are busy!  Please book online or if you need assistance, call (800) 492-8082 or (508) 778-0404.

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