3 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit Cape Cod

Fall is the best time to visit the Cape and Islands. There, we said it. Summer is quintessential, fun, and the best for so many reasons, but if you want to REALLY see the Cape and Islands in all of their glory, autumn is when you should come. I know, I know – this is a hard sell, but really it is! Just keep reading and see what you think. These three reasons might just convince you…

1. Fewer People
The beaches are less full in the fall

While the Cape and Islands are busy with tourists basically year-round at this point, there is a lull in the fall that just can’t be beat. The traffic eases off, you can get over the bridge no problem, the beaches seem to grow as the people fade away, and the waits at restaurants disappear. It’s glorious! Especially for us locals, but it’s great for visitors too. The natural beauty of the area is so much more apparent without all the hustle and bustle to distract. Relaxation is at its finest in the fall, that’s for sure. The whole place seems to take a breath after the business of the summer, and it’s just really peaceful around here.

Cape Cod Fall Weather is better2. Better Weather

In the summer around here, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. Is it going to be hot? Really hot? Is it going to rain? How windy will it be? Humidity is ALWAYS present, and sometimes it’s not that great to be outside when you can literally swim through the air. In the autumn that all changes and while it’s still a little hot somedays, it’s mainly just beautiful! 60’s and 70’s, beautiful sunshine, a light breeze, and cooler temps at night make for amazing outdoor weather. While you might be less inclined to swim at the beach, you can definitely take in an afternoon there relaxing on the sand. Fall weather simply can’t be beat around here.

3. Same amount of fun

Visit the Landing Cafe!It probably feels like you’ll miss out on all of the action if you don’t visit in the summer, right? Well, that is definitely not the case! Many restaurants, shops, and attractions stay open through October, and a lot of businesses are open year-round. You’ll still be able to go to the beach, enjoy the plentiful nature paths and bike trails, get your fill of fresh delicious seafood, enjoy the amazing sunsets, and enjoy walking around the downtowns of your favorite little villages and towns. It’s still so much fun, and nothing really changes except the weather and the crowds.

So, can you see why we love the fall around here? Especially on the islands, the fall just brings a sort of cozy, quiet, relaxation that is perfect for the end of a busy summer. If you are looking to go on one more trip before the craziness of the holidays steal all of your free time, definitely consider coming to see us and experiencing the magic of the Cape & Islands in the fall. You’ll love it, promise!

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