5 Martha’s Vineyard Must Do’s

We love Martha’s Vineyard, it truly is an amazing place with great people, food, and sights. Quintessentially summer, and so much fun, we think Martha’s Vineyard should be on everyone’s getaway list.

While you’re on Martha’s Vineyard there is so much to see and do that it might feel overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. While we dock in Oak Bluffs there are 5 other towns on the island, and covering all of that ground is certainly a feat. We recommend taking it 1 or 2 towns at a time, and really taking it all in, but if you want our overall must-do’s on MV, here they are!

Aquinnah Cliffs

While this natural wonder is not walkable from our terminal, it is absolutely worth the effort it takes to get there. Located on the westernmost tip of the island, Aquinnah Cliffs features a beautiful cliff drop-off with amazing views in every direction. The multi-colored breathtaking cliffs are surrounded by beautiful landscape, and drop off more than 100 feet into the ocean below. This special corner of the island has repeatedly been named the most beautiful place in Massachusetts. And for good reason! If you love great views, enjoy nature, or want to enjoy a really special sunset, this is the place to go on MV!

Check out the 5 Lighthouses on the Island

Martha's Vineyard LighthouseAlong with all of the beautiful beaches, bridges, cliffs, and other sights on the island, one of our favorites are the lighthouses. There’s something magical about a lighthouse, and the history that goes along with it, isn’t there? They’re beautiful and take you back in time to a day when they were being used to warn ships of rocky shores. The five lighthouses throughout Martha’s Vineyard are all breathtaking, and we totally recommend you take the time to visit as many as you can!

Heres the list:
The West Chop Lighthouse – Vineyard Haven
East Chop Lighthouse – Oak Bluffs
Edgartown Lighthouse – Edgartown
Gay Head Lighthouse – Aquinnah
Cape Poge Lighthouse – Edgartown

Visit the Iconic Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Homes on Martha's VineyardJust steps away from where our ferry docks, there is a National Historical Landmark called Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association. Located in the heart of Oak Bluffs, the MVCMA oversees the area commonly known as The Campground, which includes many of the colorful, renowned Gingerbread Cottages and the iconic iron Tabernacle. You will love walking around their expansive grounds admiring the beautiful pastel colored homes, landscaping work, and learning about the history that makes this place so important. It’s truly amazing!

Walk on the beach

Martha's Vineyard BeachNo brainer, right? You are on an island after all! But really, walking on the beach on Martha’s Vineyard is a one of a kind experience. With the multitude of beaches in every single town, and the different spectacular views they all offer, think harbors, rocky shores, flat soft sand, cliffs, and views of marshes and ponds, there is always something new to explore. So grab your favorite person and go! You’re bound to make great memories, find some beach treasures, and get some good exercise in while you’re at it.

Enjoy a Great Meal and Grab an Ice Cream Afterwards

RestaurantOn Martha’s Vineyard the amount of great food options cannot be beat! From great ethnic choices like Asian, Italian, and French to classic American fare and spectacular seafood the options on the island are endless! This doesn’t even include the amazing bakeries, delis, and clam shacks dotted all around. There are eateries at all price points, so a delicious meal doesn’t need to break the bank either. You definitely won’t leave hungry, we’ve never had a bad meal on the Vineyard!

If you still have room, make sure to check out the ice cream situation. Homemade waffle cones and creamy dreamy deliciousness is all I want on a hot summer day, and if that’s you too there are so many delicious options waiting for you. For an extra special moment, take the food and dessert to Ocean Park and sit in the grass for a picnic overlooking the water.

There you have it, our top 5 must-do’s while you’re on Martha’s Vineyard! Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and there are a lot of other amazing things to do, these are just our favorites. For more ideas, check out our onboard magazine, the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber, or maybe ask a local the next time you’re there!

We hope you have a great trip, whatever that means for you, and we can’t wait to take you to the Vineyard!

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