4 Tips for a Spectacular Trip to Cape Cod or the Islands

I know it’s August, and you’ve probably already either went on or have planned your summer getaways, but there is still time to make it to Cape Cod or one of the beautiful islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket for a last-minute vacation. Whether you go for a day, a few nights, or even a whole week, we promise it is worth it and you will make memories that are not soon forgotten. On board? GREAT! Now, how do you make it a truly spectacular trip if you’re not familiar with the area? We’ve got you covered with these 4 tips from locals to make your trip amazing.

Map of Cape Cod
  1. Where to Stay on Cape Cod

  2. Know the different places to stay, and pick the right home base for you.

Cape Cod is a large peninsula (technically an island because of the canal, but who’s checking, right?), and there are plenty of different places to be that all have very different vibes. For instance, you can pick the slower-paced, quiet Upper Cape with its plentiful ponds and local haunts, the bustling Mid-Cape with plenty of hotels, shopping, dining, transportation options and large beaches, or you can get away to the Lower & Outer Cape where you’ll find the National Seashore, lighthouses, natural beauty and the truly saltier New England beach atmosphere.  Just a short ferry ride away (ahem) you can set up camp on one of the amazing islands Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. Both have a rich history, with Martha’s Vineyard being larger and more commercial, and Nantucket being smaller and more focused on heritage. Literally anywhere you pick, you’ll have a great time you just have to pick the vibe you’re looking for!

How to Learn about the Best Spots

Not sure what to do? Ask a local!

Locals love to give advice about the best beaches, places to eat, spots to hang out, and much more. We can appreciate that you’d rather have the inside scoop! Bonus points if you stop by a Chamber of Commerce visitors center (there’s one in each town) and grab some information and tips!

Explore beyond the Cape’s Beaches

  1. Know that there’s much more to do than just sit at a beach

Cafes on the CapeYes, laying on a beach and wading in the water and sticking your toes in the sand is magical. There is a time and place where we all just need to do that and nothing else for a little bit. BUT – Cape Cod & the Islands have so much more to offer than just the beach. There is rich history showcased in plenty of museums of all kinds including natural history, maritime, pirates, John F Kennedy, and art. Walking & biking trails and playgrounds abound. Fishing is plentiful both on and offshore. Local shopping and dining are like no other, and the amount of delicious treats (think breweries, ice cream shops, and bakeries) you can find are just begging to be explored. Basically, the options are endless in this vacationland!

  1. Travel to the Nearby Islands

  2. Take a trip, during your trip!

Hy-Line Ferry to the Cape's IslandsWhile there is so much to see and do on the land, there is much more waiting to be explored on the water! We obviously think a trip on our ferries, either to one of the islands, or inter-island if you are already staying there, is a fantastic way to enhance any visit. With frequent departures, comfortable vessels, and only 1-hour trips it can easily fit into any stay! Not looking for an island experience? Why not take a trip down the canal with our Cape Cod Canal Cruises! We offer both sightseeing and specialty cruises and they are definitely a great time for all ages. Located in Onset, just over the bridge, our friendly staff will make sure you are well taken care of.


So – what are you waiting for? When are you coming? We can’t wait to see you and get you where you want to go!

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