10 Things to Do Before the Summer Ends

Even though it doesn’t seem possible, it’s the middle of August already and summer is almost over! Stores have fall merchandise out, coffee shops are pouring Pumpkin Spice, and school is starting back in the next month or so. With all these Fall vibes floating around, you may be trying to hang on to these last summer days tightly, and we’re right there with you!

Need fun ideas of what to do to make August special? Check out these activities, and do all your favorite summer things that make you happy!

  1. 1. Explore a New Place

  2. Now is the perfect time to explore somewhere you have never been. Whether that be a (safely planned) weekend getaway, going for a long drive, or exploring somewhere right in your neighborhood you’ve been meaning to check out these kinds of trips make the best memories! So brainstorm places you have wanted to visit and go for it!
  3. 2. Go Watch the Summer Sunset

  4. There is nothing better, in our opinion, than sitting on the sand (or in the grass, or in a parking lot for all we care) with your favorite person and watching the sun go down on another great summer day! It is so relaxing, beautiful, and makes for some amazing photos!
  5. 3. Support your Local Shops and Restaurants

  6. I think we all know this, but local business is really struggling during this pandemic. If you can, you should definitely visit your town’s main street or downtown area and go into some of the shops or even just order a gift card online to use when you feel more comfortable shopping. The same goes for restaurants, enjoy a great meal, grab takeout and have a picnic, or grab a gift card, and don’t forget to tip well!
  7. 4. Go to the Drive-In Movie Theater

  8. Lots of drive-in movie theaters, both permanent and temporary, are popping up all over the place. There is something so fun about getting some delicious snacks, getting into some comfy clothes, and watching a movie in the comfort of your car. It’s just so cozy! Check out what is available in your area, and be on the lookout for one of your favorite movies. A lot of great classics are hitting drive-in screens right now.
  9. 5. Get Out into Nature

  10. There are so many beautiful places on the Cape & Islands to explore the outdoors!  Rent a kayak and paddle around the many waterways and inlets, or go for a hike or bike ride, you’d be surprised how many options there are that don’t involve laying on the sand at the beach! Whether that be the National Seashore on the Lower Cape and their plentiful hiking and walking trails, the miles and miles of bike paths on Nantucket, or the beautiful hiking paths scattered over Martha’s Vineyard there is always a new path to go down. Go see something you haven’t seen before!
  11. 6. Enjoy some Delicious Seafood

  12. What is more quintessentially summer than sitting down to a beautiful plate of seafood? Cook it yourself, get takeout from your favorite local joint, go out to eat if that’s more your speed. Whatever you do, make sure there is plenty of butter and cocktail sauce!
  13. 7. Get out on the Water

  14. Ok, being on the water might tie with seafood for most quintessentially summer! The breeze, the sun, the waves lapping the boat, can it be beat? There are plenty of options wherever you live to enjoy the water.  Find a friend who owns a boat, charter a boat for a group of family or friends, hop in your kayak or onto your paddleboard, or even enjoy one of our cruises! We have two sightseeing cruises that are the perfect short outings, our Harbor Cruise and our Cape Cod Canal Cruise. Book a spot today to make the most of the rest of summer!
  15. 8. Get an Ice Cream to Cool Off

  16. There’s something about that cold deliciousness on a hot day that you just can’t resist! With so many local ice cream places on the Cape & Islands, you really can’t go wrong anywhere. Extra sprinkles and whipped cream, please!
  17. 9. Squeeze in One Last Summer Beach Day

  18. We are all busy. Work, home responsibilities, kids, and everything else we do daily really limit the time we can take to just relax, but it is so important! Sit on the beach in a comfortable beach chair, enjoy a cold drink, watch the waves lap the shore, and just relax. Or bring some games, a speaker, and make it a party! Whatever option is more your speed, a beach day (or afternoon) really is good for the soul.
  19. 10. Do Something Nice for Someone Else

  20. In these crazy times, it’s important to remember that everyone is struggling in one way or another right now. A random act of kindness might just make someone’s day, and it will certainly make you feel good! Whether that is delivering a small gift to a neighbor, paying for the next person’s coffee in the drive-thru line, or just holding the door open, it doesn’t have to be big or showy to matter!

We hope this list gave you some ideas of things to do to fill your last few weeks of summer with fun. Make the most of the time we have in this beautiful warm weather, because before you know it we will all be complaining about snow!

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