These positions are seasonal with day, evening and nighttime hours with weekends and holidays included.  Most positions coincide with our operating season dates; others are dictated by schedules which offer up to six months of part-time hours.

If you are invited for an interview, the following four documents will be needed. Please bring them with you so that they may be photocopied and attached to your application. These documents are required to meet Immigration and Naturalization requirements to prove identity and to meet Homeland Security, TSA and United States Coast Guard security standards.

1. Driver’s License

2. Social Security Card

3. DD-214 if discharged from the military within the past 12 months

4. Massachusetts’ License to Carry Firearms, if you have one (This is not required for the position, but it is helpful)

Personal references, letters of referral, recommendations or commendations may be attached to the application.

Uniforms are furnished. Employees are required to adhere to Security Department uniform procedures. Hy-Line Security Officers will maintain their uniforms, cleaned and pressed on a weekly basis, so when they return to work after their days off their appearance is neat and professional.

The employer reserves the right to seek and recover uniforms, equipment, and costs of equipment maintenance if property is not returned when requested after employee is terminated or the term of employment is completed. Uniforms shall be returned in a clean and professional condition, ready for reissue, if needed.

The employer reserves the right for efficiency to transfer or change employees from one shift or assignment to another.

Background investigations will be conducted on all applicants interviewed.  This includes confirming all information provided on the application and supporting documentation. A second background investigation done by FBI, TSA and Homeland Security is required to get a TSA Transportation Worker ID card. Failure to pass investigation is automatic forfeiture of employment.

Our security function is varied and is very accountable. Successful applicants may be working alone or with a partner.  They will be expected to exercise good, sound judgment, make correct decisions and perform within the guidelines of the security manual.

Due to the nature of this position and requirements, this application is more detailed than Hy-Line’s general application.

The ability to follow directions begins with the application procedure. All questions on the application must be completed. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered. The use of N/A (not applicable) or NONE is permissible where applicable.

Sections requiring signature will be done upon interview.

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