Family Fun – Engage in Marine Science with Mass Audubon Naturalists

Aquatic Explorations is a 2-hour boat Mass Audubon cruise aboard our very own Sea Swan. Discover creatures that actually live in Cape Cod waters! We’ll use an otter trawl net, fish pots and plankton tow to bring everything from microscopic marine life to glowing comb jellies to small sharks on board for close-up observation. It’s a marine science classroom for kids!

Cruise out into Hyannis Harbor, pass ferries and pleasure craft en route to your destination in the inner harbor. The crew pulls traps full of seaweed, spider crabs, small creatures and more just waiting to be discovered by the kids. The content of the traps is brought on board, and armful by armful, it is placed on two tables. Kids go to work sifting through the seaweed, finding all the creatures (no matter how tiny), and placing them in small plexi-glass tanks for easy viewing. They’ll likely find comb jellies, baby shrimp, spider crabs, hermit crabs and different types of seaweed.

This family oriented cruise launches from Hyannis, and travels through Lewis Bay and near shore on Nantucket Sound.

Aquatic Explorations depart every Thursday at 1:30 pm, July 2nd – September 3rd

$43 per adult (member), $48 per adult (non-member)
$31 per child (member), $36 per child (non-member)

Reservations required. Please call (508) 790-0696 and ask for Mass Audubon Aquatic Exploration Cruise

“I loved being able to touch and hold all the critters!”

– Stella, Age 6

Mass Audubon Cruise

“I was impressed with how carefully the kids handled the sea creatures. In their own way, they respected and appreciated these living organisms. At the end of the trip, some of the kids volunteered to send all of these amazing creatures back home, to put them all back in the ocean. I think there may have been some future marine biologists on board that day.”

– Betsy, Hyannis